Sketch of Minnekirken


Den Norske Lutherske Minnekirke

Norwegian Lutheran Memorial Church

2614 North Kedzie Boulevard
Chicago, ILLINOIS 60647
Phone (773) 252 7335

Pastor: Sigurd Grindheim Office: (708) 867-7051 Fax: (708) 867-6851



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Minnekirken is the last remaining Norwegian language church in Chicago, Illinois

Minnekirken, which means "Memorial Church" in Norwegian, is located at 2614 N. Kedzie Boulevard in an area known to Chicagoans as Logan Square. The neighborhood surrounding the church is typical of Chicago's North Side neighborhoods and reflective of a diversity of languages and cultures.In the neighborhood these days, one predominantly hears Spanish spoken in several dialects representing different Hispanic cultures. Minnekirken serves as a reminder of a neighborhood heritage long past in which scandinavians played a significant part. During the first half of this century there were several Norwegian language churches in the Logan Square area and over 20 Norwegian churches in the metropolitan area. Today, Minnekirken is the last remaining Norwegian language church within a radius of 400 miles of the city.



Despite the fact that most members do not reside in Logan Square, the church is quite active in the community. It participates in the Logan Square Neigborhood Association, The Logan Square Garden Walk, and The Logan Square Beautifiaction and Preservation Movement.

Preserving Norwegian Culture accross cultural and generational gaps

One reason Minnekirken is able to stay so active is that the Chicago-land area has a large Norwegian and Norwegian-American community that work hard to preserve and appreciate ties to Norway and its culture.

Minnekirken is a place where one can experience Norwegian culture in a very real way. Whether it be the Christmas celebrations, the after-service coffee hour with traditional Norwegian delicacies, the traditional codfish dinner, or when Minnekirken hosts performers from Norway or with Norwegian ties.


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